1. The Whiskerino is a 4 week mustache growing competition and fundraiser. During this time you grow a mustache and raise money for the Compass House.
  2. You must be clean shaven when the Whiskerino starts (3/14/2015), and maintain a mustache throughout the 4 weeks.
  3. The best mustache grower is crowned at the end of the whiskerino (4/11/2015).
(the Buffalo Whiskerino Code of Honor)

  1. Mustaches should be used for good, not evil.
  2. All mustaches are to be grown for the entire five week growing season. It is strongly urged that you shave everything but your ‘stache once per week.  It is recommended that the initial shave be administered with a large bowie knife and use a bottle of Makers’ Mark for aftershave (to prevent infection). Again, this is only a recommendation.
  3. No growth below the ears or below the lips. Nothing below. Nothing to the side. Nothing creeping up from the chest.
  4. Only those growers who raise $100 or more will be permitted on the catwalk at Pageant Time.
  5.  This will be enforced by 
  6. the King himself, if necessary. 
  7. Try to raise some money, for God’s sake. 
  8. No artificial enhancements of any kind. No HGH (Hair Growth Helper, that is). No shoe polish. No pencils. No Chia-Pet-esque indulgences. No transplants from other bodily areas (ie. tops of toes, knuckles, etc). NO Man-scaping! (twirling is allowed)
  9. No “Hitler’s”, or the suspiciously similar “Chaplin’s”, allowed.
  10. After the mustache starts to show, the wearer is encouraged to adopt appropriate ‘stache slang, such as Zee Stache, Tickler, Tumble weed or Baleen (generally, near week 3 or 4, your stache’s personality will become apparent and a nickname should follow shortly thereafter.)
  11. No numbered mesh tee-shirts are to be worn during competition.
  12. Be Proud!
  13. Oh, and try to raise some money… This is, after all, for charity!